Zeon Nano Technology Co., Ltd.

Zeon Nano Technology dedicates to the human wellfare with delivering pure single-walled carbon nanotyube=ZEONANO®SG101 and manufacturing its derivatives.


April 9 2020
In accordance with the "Emergency Declaration for Countermeasures against New Coronavirus Infections", our business hours will be shortened for the time being.
If the situation changes in the future, we will notify you on this page.
Business hours: 10: 30-15: 30 (weekdays only)
For inquiries, please use the "Inquiry Form" banner at the top right of this page.
December 4 2019
AIST released the video announcing research results on risk management, including biodegradability and decomposition treatment of carbon nanotubes.
A Review Video of the Research on Risk Management of Carbon Nanotubes in AIST is released
November 11 2015
Zeon Holds Ceremony to Mark Completion of its Carbon Nanotube Manufacturing Plant


ZEONANO®SG101 single-walled carbon nanotube
1g or 10g containing bottle samples are available. Placing order or price inquiry at Inquiry form would be appreciated.

Risk and Regulation

  • ZEONANO®SG101 Safety Data Sheet
  • Casestudy report by TASC
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